Daises Flowers

Daises flowers are one of the most common ways to add a little bit of color to your garden, and for good reason. Whether you are a professional landscaper looking to add some life and color to a clientís lawn, or you are just adding a little bit of something new in your garden to make the most of the upcoming spring season, the daisy has something that you will like.
One of the reasons daisies flowers are just such a big hit with gardeners is the huge variety of color that they come in. If you are looking for something that is bright, colorful and fun, daisy flowers should be your first choice. However, if you want something that is a little more unconventional, say, a garden featuring designs of black and white flowers, daises flowers should still be your number one choice. A wide selection of daises flowers should be found at your local garden center, and since so many people like to use them, you should have plenty of colors to choose from.
Daises flowersí popularity isnít just because of its huge selection of colors though, daisy flowers also happen to be one of the easiest flowers of its kind to take care of. Once fully grown, the flowers require next to no maintenance; watering can be done once every 2 or 3 days. Because sunlight and temperature vary, there is a simple test to figure out whether they are ready to be watered. Take a thin wooden stick, a toothpick or shiskabob skewer will work perfectly. Push it into the ground about 3 inches deep; if it comes out nice and dry then it is time to water. When selecting a spot to plant your daises flowers, making sure that it gets the most possible sunlight is a must; daises flowers absolutely love sun and if you want them to thrive, then the sun should be shining on them as much as possible.
One not very well known advantage of daisy flowers is that their leaves are actually edible. Believe it or not, some people choose to take off the leaves from the daisy flowers in their garden and put them in their salads. If you arenít using in sort of pesticides there are no health concerns to worry about doing this; and you may even be surprised at its taste.
On top of all the great benefits that daisies can bring to your garden, you will also be surprised at how much they will set you back. Prices will vary during the season, but at peak season it isnít uncommon to find gorgeous daisy flowers for just $1 a stem. Of course, you can save a considerable sum of money if you decide to plant it yourself by buying the seeds instead of the fully matured flowers. If you are going to do this, make sure that you double check the color and type of daisy that you want, it is easy to get those mixed up when you are just dealing with a bag of seeds rather than the grown flower.